I violated Netscape now I feel all Dirty

So my account got banned from Netscape or rather it was “removed”. Imagine your girlfriend or boyfriend saying to you, “I am now removing you from this relationship as you have violated my terms”.

Actually I had two accounts banned, oh yeah I’m a real hard core black hat spammer type. I used one account for all things SEO and the other for everything else, OK so it was against the rules, but I never cross voted. OK I did once and that was ages ago.

To be honest I am not sure exactly why I was banned, I voted a lot on my own posts, clients posts, people who link to me posts, and friends posts. I also submitted genuine articles. I made it to the front page a few times ( it’s a lot easier than dig ) once with “How to build a Log cabin“.

As a marketer I feel you have to push things to see what is acceptable, no problem with being banned. But I did get that pang of “nobody loves me”, when I saw the get-lost-you-evil-spammer page. I think those pages should come with a link to Blackhat SEO Anonymous and print the 12 step plan to becoming a pure white hat.

New account/accounts and old tactics with a new twist implemented. I’ll be back soon enough.

Anyone else with hard luck social media account stories to share, it will help with the grief.

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  1. I don’t know, you black-hat SEO types sullying the purity of the blogosphere-you’ll make Matt’s Google & WordPress cry with such antics!


  2. You can’t be a good white hat until you know where the line is, of course the only way to find out is to step right across and look back.

    So the question remains why did you get banned, having multiple accounts while strictly speaking against most TOS is also really hard to prove, what if one was your wives the other(s) yours?

    our client was banned from Digg once after we inadvertently started chain submitting scraper posts automatically to Digg. Now don’t laugh but we honestly didn’t mean to but hey that’s life.

  3. Tim how many wives do you think I have?

    I would have thought multiple accounts would be an issue if they are cross voting which I wasn’t do.

    Possibly I submitted too much of my own work, in future I will submit my work on a 1:3 ratio, but I don’t see why that would trigger a ban as the posts were all quality and recieve above the average votes.

    I even made the front page a few times.

    Lesson learned, now to get stuck back in.

  4. Sometimes the absurdity of it all strikes me as so odd.. That something that supposed to be so social and based around the people and open streams of two-way communication defaults back to automated cold systems and being completely impersonal..

  5. Intresting post, but who doesn’t have multiple accounts out there.. (looks around)

  6. That stinks man! Let me know when you get your new profile up on netscape – be sure to add me as your friend (mjesales). I wonder what it is exactly that you did that caused that to happen.

    I am active on netscape 2 or 3 times per day – more so on votes and comments. My submissions have been limited. But in 3 months my profile PR was 5.. hehe – thats why I love netscape.

  7. Damn Lyndoman.. you know how to piss ’em off!

    I tried to submit this to Netscape, cause I thought it would be fun and just as a test and I got the following:

    There were errors in your submission:

    * The domain or URL is banned for the following reason: violating Terms of Use

    Please correct these errors and click Check My Story to validate.

    Looks like your site’s no longer welcome in the club either!

  8. Lol, banned in Netscape. This means that anyone can get a site banned.

    Graywolf has already covered this.

    I wonder who else has been banned?

  9. I havnt been banned but im not all that active there either. Do you think they would ban you just for promoting your own stuff?

  10. Who knows, but why ban this blog? I understand the account ban and am fine with it, but a blog ban. How do they know it was my account. it is easily spoofed.

  11. Seems a little iffy really. What were you doing that was sooooo naughty Lyndon 😉

    I want to be mean and remind them of what happened to that nutscrape browser of theirs 😀 Oops!

    Honestly though – its all a little pathetic, what are they trying to do here, invite some mass gaming onslaught.

    If anything they should of looked at whatever it was you were doing that was so objectionable and worked out ways of nullifying.

    This heavy handed approach just sucks really and turns them into firefighters rather than fire prevention officers.

  12. I think when someone publicly announces he is using Netscape to push clients websites you kind of expect it. Thing is, other more public figures seem to be able to carry on regardless.

    The system will never be perfect and I never swallow the West Coast, touchy feely, lets all be a community bullshit. Behind the hippy dippy crapola lies a ruthless business machine whose aims are simply to make money.

    Not that there is anything wrong with that, but at least be honest.

  13. LOL, Iv’e finally got a blog on my site, you can see it in the website link, still got a million things I need to do with it, but I am getting there.

  14. Just got my Netscape account banned, and started doing some searching to see if their was a support group for Netscape Flunkies. I pushed the envelope as hard as I could for 3-4 weeks, and hit the home page nearly everyday for the last week or so.

    I knew I’d eventually get reprimanded, but was surprised to be complete banned.

    I actually really like their, site and would have played by the rules, I just had to know what Netscape homepage traffic would feel like. I’ve gotten on the home page of every known social site, and was actually more impressed with the traffic from Netscape than any other site.

    They are switching their site to non social site anyway, so the good times were bound to end eventually.

    FYI – The guy who got me banned was a scout named “corey.spring”, who comically had voted for several of my articles previously. I think my name coming up on the top contributors so often set off a red flag. On the otherhand, I had pissed off enough people with my comments that one or more of them was probably reporting all my articles.

  15. It is propeller now, go there and have account try not to violate as i have experienced it also, bad; however not end, this is how cyber world is. Keep helping others made highly sophisticated network and get settled everywhere.

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