Secret way to rank No1 for any keyword Guaranteed!


It’s true, you can rank No1 for any keyword in Google and it’s completely white hat.

If I can do this myself then why am I giving away valuable information for free. To be honest I just havn’t got the time to put together the deal. Also it’s a mite expensive, current estimates for this specific keyword ranking scheme would cost around $80 Billion. Which is a lot more expensive than buying a few text links.

The closest estimate I could find to the worth of Google is $155 billion, buying 51% of the company for $80 billion will allow you to insert your websites to the top of the SERPS.

It’s great if you want to rank for viagra, obviously you would have to sell a lot to make your money back. But I hear that the viagra market is rising quickly these days. With the stiff competition in the viagra market it may be worth buying half of google. You could easily shaft the competition.

Joke over.

This is the only way I think I could guarantee a keyword ranking. I constantly observe other SEO consultants and companies guarantee number one rankings. Some add the proviso that they can reject any keword a client suggests, but then anyone could rank for “black and white kittens on crack”. Hardly a guarantee worth making.

The only guarantee I make is to give 100% of my skill and experience to the task at hand, if it can be done then great, but there is always that possibility of not being able to deliver to promised result. So many variables cannot be quantified. Sure any experienced SEO can get a quick idea of possibilities, but to seal that with a guarantee, I don’t think so.

If an SEO consultant is confident enough to offer a guarantee, they should be confident to offer a double your money back if the campaign fails.

Never do business with any search engine optimiser who offers ranking guarantees.

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  1. Well said as always, a guarantee is not worth anything in SEO industry and what is number 1 today is tomorrows supplemental (well maybe not that extreme). However its hard to get that across to joe public, we live in a culture of this will happen or your money back (even if “it” is a shoddy job) clients measure results while we some times forget we are providing a service based on others work (in this case the search engines) and therefore we may have a good idea of the outcome but unless you work for google algorithm department and are moonlighting how can we guarantee anything?

  2. Well drafted Title there. And agree on all the points you mentioned above. A no.1 rank cannot be guaranteed and anyone who does is either black hat or fraud.


  3. Sujan, it’s true 80 mill is pocket money for Bill, but it’s $80 BILLION, which I don’t think he can afford. That’s saying something.

  4. Ranking can be guaranteed. What can’t is how long it will take and how long it will stay. All it takes to rank for a term is enough links and anchor text from the right places. That has been the rule for years now. Only difference is that you have to have higher quality links and more of them than you used to.

    I agree that there are some factors that can make it impossible.

    1. The SEO dies or is incapacitated in some way
    2. Google removes computers and uses humans to rank websites
    3. You go to Google and tell them your name and the site your trying to get ranked and tell them everything you are doing to rank.

    There are some “black hat” things that only become “black hat” to Google when you tell them why you did it. Google seems to consider motivation when it comes to something being SPAM. An example would be buying a website and putting up a 301 allowing your site to rank for the term that site ranked for. If a high profile company does this Google has no problem with it. If some small or new company does this Google would consider it SPAM. Especially if you make it pubic that is why you did it.

    One of Google biggest problems is that large companies are starting to be aware of what they can get away with. Google cannot fight SPAM when motivation plays such a large factor.

  5. Interesting post Ogletree, however I disagree with the claim that a no1 rank can be guaranteed. A guarantee means you assure the client of a specific outcome. For example ranking no1 in Google for Cellphones. I don’t see how anyone can promise to gain a no1 position for this term as other SEO’s are trying to do exactly the same thing at the same time.

    9 out of 10 doesn’t cut it. To be able to guarantee, to make that explicit promise and assurance you have to be able to rank for whatever keyword whenever you decide to. If your techniques fail once then what is the guarantee worth.

    The guarantee is absolute, once made there can be no equivocation. There are people out there who can rank for anything most of the time, especially using the juicey techniques you have outlined.

    However, I question whether their hit rate is 100%. If it’s less, if you only make 2nd, then the guarantee is fake.

    Some things are fine in theory and could get 100% hit rate if not influenced by variables that exist in the real world.

    Power cuts
    Your wife leaves you
    You get arrested for importing Cuban cigars
    The pictures are published
    You office is raided by the IRS
    Someone is better than spamming than you and targets the same keyword
    You get heartburn from the 3 chili dogs you ate for lunch
    The Google algo changes

  6. I’ve heard a lot about SEOs that do nothing, but publishing an offer of paid text links to their customers on their web sites.

    Would you accept to pay some holidays without any warranty to get where you wanted to? Why would a customer want to pay if you don’t guarantee anything?

  7. There are all kinds of SEOs’ out there performing a variety of dodgy services.

    There is a difference between a guarantee and a warrenty. A guarantee promises an outcome whereas a warranty promises to fix any problems.

    I only promise to work on a clents site to the extent of my knowledge and expertise. The results are mostly defined by that, but there are variables beyond your control and if you cannot 100% control the outcome your guarantee is false.

    BTW a guarantee means hitting the target 100 out of 100, not 99 out of 100.

  8. I agree that spamming google is a bad idea, and that anyone who claims they can guarantee a ranking is probably full of it. They can sure as heck try…

    All of the places that have called me up offering me SEO services – I ask them what keywords they suggest and the phrases they pick are always 3 words or more and have less than 1 million results and get less than 1000 searches per month in yahoo. I told them that they were ripping people off – and that I could do better in 3 days – sure enough – I am still ranked 3rd for a phrase in question – and I haven’t done anything with the site for over a month.

  9. Well said. I don’t know how much money I wasted before discovering that fact for myself. I believe in adding quality content and developing relationships with my clients to drive traffic to my site. Fancy SEO tricks and empty promises are a good way to get your site blacklisted.

  10. I agree with you, there is no SEO expert will guarantee to be number one in SE position. However, if put on top position, let say 1-10, it still possible. In fact SEO is not really difficult.

  11. Hello,

    Actually no one can guarantee a to rank number one for any keyword, search engines work in a way that people cant decipher. I’ve seen website rank #1 on search engines with out been optimized that you only see the Home title and others that have been optimized to the limits, so it’s hard to tell.

    There is ways to help your website get a higher ranking like mention here getting quality back links to your website (I’ll recommend to get back links from websites that have same product or service than your website).

    If your website is been online for quite a while(couple of years) and you still can’t find it on the first or second page of Google I’ll recommend doing the following;

    * First work on your website title(use your keywords for product or service you offer and city or state you want to target)

    *Second Work on your website meta tags, like description and key words meta tags(on description use a short summary of your website using your key words and city or state you want to target and of the products or service you offer.) now for your key word meta tag you can use your key words again with your city and state you want to target.

    *Third many people don’t use much anymore but is very valuable for some search engines and that is the heading tag () use it on your website using your key words for your service or product.

    *Fourth how is your website content? This is very important if you need to rewrite your website content you should and try to make it relevant to the service or product you offer try to use some of the keywords for the service or products you offer including city or state you are targeting.

    *Pictures, they say a picture is worth a 1,000 words, but not on search engines, search engines can’t read pictures try to keep pictures to a minimum on your website. The pictures you place try to put a description on them using your product or service keywords (<img src=”yourpicture.jpg alt=”your keywords, city or state”) having a few pictures will also help your website upload faster on computers.

    *Try to use links on your website to other pages of your website for example you sell puppies and you have a page for each breed you sell, people is on your home page make links on your home page content targeting other pages on your website using the key words for services or products you offer for example (Bull Dog Puppies Chicago).

    *Your domain name is another great factor to take into consideration, instead of your business name try to use your keyword for your website domain name.

    Once you have updated your website try to re-submit it to all search engines again to let them know something change on your website or you can use to let search engines know your website change.

    There is other way to actually place your business name & phone number on the first page of Google in 24 hrs or less for more information please visit my website at for more information on how to get your business name in the first page of Google in 24 hrs or less.


  12. Advertise on Craigslist. Google loves Craigslist and with careful wording you can always be on Google’s first page. Be sure to update the ad weekly and try different headline combinations.

  13. I think it’s wise for Internet Marketing Professionals to guarantee their clients that they can help them improve the page rank or bring them more traffic. But realistically, when dealing with Google or any outside search engine, you have no control over their methods they use with SERP or the algorithms they use which change constantly. To keep clients happy with your work, always only guarantee what you know is possible not what you think they want to hear. Guaranteeing #1 spot for any keyword they want to rank for simply isn’t a realistic thing to tell people, so to maintain a good reputation as an SEO expert, honesty is always the best policy.

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