Matt Cutts is raising a posse

Saddle up boys, the enforcer of spam is raising a posse to go hunt those bastards who buy links. Wait a minute, some of those bastards are my mates. Should I rat them out or not?

I like the idea of the posse though, Seinfeld pointed out that it’s a night out with the guys, you get to camp out, you’re away from the wife and kids. As long as you don’t get shot up by the Hole in the wall gang things are cool.

Problem is, I like some of the guys in the Hole in the wall gang, but not all. If a site with deep pockets can buy it’s way into the SERPS simply by paying for links I have a problem with that. I compete in Google on the basis that its’ intention is to supply the most relevant information. Yet it is infested with

  • Spam from .edu
  • Grotty Wikepedia
  • Shopping aggregators
  • Old rancid, out of date pages
  • Second tier search directories (particularly at the local search level)
  • And more but I have not had my second cup of Coffee

There are so many ways to improve the SERPS on Google than a cyber mob roaming the web screaming, “burn the witch”. Surely work such as outing paid links should be done by Google. It wouldn’t cost that much to add to the spam team. If they are strapped for cash I could lend them a fiver.

I don’t buy links and I don’t sell them so, “am I bovered?”. It sounds like Google will soon be launching an attack on the paid link front and are marshalling troops as we speak.

Nah, this posse aint for me. I think I will hide out with the Hole in the wall gang.

Thanks to Graywolf for alerting me to this nonsense.
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ps. I would include a cartoon of Matt as the Sheriff with arrows in his hat, but I can’t draw for crapola.

7 thoughts on “Matt Cutts is raising a posse”

  1. Imperial Google is marshaling her forces to stomp on the proletariat who are yearning to be free. It’ll be interesting to watch this battle unfold — will it result in a huge Google backlash or will the Google cabal finally vanquish all who refuse to bow the knee?

  2. Google isn’t perfect, but it’s still the best show in town. I think what people are annoyed about is the snitch aspect, when Google has large enough pockets to employ a stable of human paid-link detectors.

    Also, from a users point of view I am not that bothered about the abuse of links as the market will adjust accordingly.

    The problem I have is with crappy results that need to be taken care of. This obsession with older sites is getting ridiculous, you can rank for anything if you buy an old domain.

    Buying link, buying domains, kinda similar don’t you think.

    Anyway, we are here to help Google serve us better. I do wish Yahoo would get its act together and become a credible competitor.

  3. I think its fairly sucky and hypocritical too.

    Maybe Matt is going stir crazy, cant be an easy life being the head of ante webspam 😀

    Thing is, he’ll have an army all lining up to help him with it too.
    FUD in my book, but…what can you do?

    The Dougie Heils of this world will no doubt come their lots

  4. Yea, I would agree with that. I do not mind paid links if the information provided are worth the visit or worth reading. Somethimes, these links that I go to are not really relavant to what I was looking for. Now.. How are they about to solve that? 😀

  5. As Lyndoman said, it is a BIG truth about those old domains. Just some time ago I got pissed off because of one domain which was selling DVDs previously. The thing went to bankrupt probably and someone uploaded copied articles there. Unfortunately, the topic is exactly what’s my primary site’s topic.

    Well, that site has no quality links, but it’s quite old (7 years if memory serves). What’s more, it doesn’t do anything than showing articles…

    And the worst thing is that I can’t do anything with it. Fortunately, my site still ranks better even it’s only 2 years old.

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