Coping with Little Green bar addiction

My name is Lyndon and I am a green bar addict.

So my little green bar finally kicked in. This site is relatively new, I started the blog between Christmas and New Years 2006, well you have to do something to burn off all that food and booze.

I managed to get a few key backlinks quickly, and things continued nicely. I have eased off with the posting lately as my UK seo consultancy is taking up more and more time. If there was ever a starving crowd it is here in Cornwall. Which is ironic as they have UK SEO market leaders such as Neutralize on their doorstep.

On my travels around the Cornish networking scene, I came across a local business, which has a site first published in 1999. It has some great backlinks, great content, but it’s all in frames. It’s crazy, a few tweaks here and there and their site traffic would explode.

So after 4 months of blogging the little green bar has kicked in, I think I missed the last update by days. But my wait is rewarded by a pr 5. Yes I know it’s small fry and yes I know PR is not all that (yawn). But that little green bar is a visible manifestation of work done.

Now if I can tear myself away from SEO consultancy and post some useful stuff like, Linkbait list, Link building list, Article site list, Cool headlines list, SEO forum list, how to seo list, list of Digg clone sites.

Do you see a pattern developing here?

If you want to see a cool seo list, check out Todd Malicoat.

4 thoughts on “Coping with Little Green bar addiction”

  1. It’s always weird when I meet another Lyndon as it’s such a rare and unique name.

    It reminds me of Highlander, “There can be only one”.

  2. I was hoping to hit 6 this time round, but all I hit was PR5 on a load of internals. Obviously not enough PR7 links to pull me up a rung, which is a damn sight easier than pushing yourself up with low quality links.

    I suppose I am going to have to write some more linkbait.

    It is more an ego / credibility thing than anything else.

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