Coping with Little Green bar addiction

My name is Lyndon and I am a green bar addict.

So my little green bar finally kicked in. This site is relatively new, I started the blog between Christmas and New Years 2006, well you have to do something to burn off all that food and booze.

I managed to get a few key backlinks quickly, and things continued nicely. I have eased off with the posting lately as my UK seo consultancy is taking up more and more time. If there was ever a starving crowd it is here in Cornwall. Which is ironic as they have UK SEO market leaders such as Neutralize on their doorstep. [Read more…]

SEO Consulting in the UK Cornwall

Being new to the world of SEO consulting, I have had to learn to communicate with civilians, and those who do not have a consultancy do not know how hard it is. I really love it though, it’s great getting away from my own sites and computer to talk to people with local businesses about website marketing.

I don’t know about every area, but there is gold in them thar hills. There is a huge, cavernous gap between what your average SEO guys knows and what a local business person knows. That knowledge is worth something. [Read more…]

Noooooooooooo, make it stop!

So I just joined Twitter, sigh.

How many more ways can there be to communicate with people, and yet I cannot stop joining them. It’s like there is a new Social Media site to join every month, Mybloglog, Myspace, more like my arse!

At the moment I am using it as a stream of consciousness conduit. Pity the poor sods who friend me.

The temptation to widgetise this blog to death is very strong.