Wonderful world of Stumbleupon seo experiments

Ogletree talks about his Stumbleupon experiment. He went the paid for route which is interesting as I haven’t read any experiences regarding Stumbleupon.

Reading around the seo blogs a lot of experienced seo bloggers seem unimpressed with stumbleupon. I think they are missing a trick. It’s a very different tool so needs a different approach. It may be that experienced seo people have developed what works for them and are having success with that and so can only give a finite amount of time to these shiny new tools.

If anyone using any tool comes to my site using seo as a search term or keyword, I can use that traffic. Stuff is stumbled on this site using the seo keyword and I have got about 1500 so far this month. Each time a wave of stumblers arrive on the shores of Cornwall SEO means what I write is out before them. If it’s good stuff then they stumble it too until a horde of people have bookmarked.

It’s another metric to tell me what works and what doesn’t.

Also, I can bring down hundreds of stumblers upon the heads of websites and blogs I like, especially the ones that link to me. Think about that for a moment. Still think it’s useless.

If you are looking for adsense clicks forget it. Stumblers are not stupid, they are mature and savy.

If you want to check my stumble upon account look at my social media accounts

Send me a message throught the stumbleupon system and I will give you a thumbs up. When you get over 50 people giving you the thumbs up you will find your account is more powerful and squirts stumblers all over your chosen ones.

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