What the hell has skiing down the biggest escalator in Europe got to do with SEO?

It’s a fantastic piece of linkbait.

The ITN news made sure I knew that this was a very dangerous stunt, however that did not stop them showing it three times.

Are your SEO blogging skills as exciting as skiing down the Angel tube. Is your blog exciting, mind-blowing, hair-raising, dangerous, sexy, eye-popping,arousing, spine-tingling, sensational, intoxicating, dramatic, groovy, addictive, exhilarating, lively, intriguing?

Because as Graywolf points out, the eyeballs are gasping to go somewhere else.

This post isn’t for just SEO bloggers, it’s for any blogger. You are competing with this, you think they wanna read about your latest take on RSS feeds when they can watch this – don’t worry it’s not Paris Hilton eating a donut whilst in the bath with Nicole Ritchie.

I am constantly being distracted by interesting stuff going elsewhere, I even get distracted from my distractions. Can someone please make things more boring so I can get some work done.

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