Submit your site to 75,000 search engines FREE SERVICE

What is this crap?

The sales page of a highly ranked UK search engine consultancy is offering a service to submit your website to over 75,000. WTF!!!

I wont link to it, if you want to find it I am sure you have the skills. The sales spiel goes on.

We will submit your website to over 75,000 search engines, directories and Free For All (FFA) links pages and send you a detailed report via email on exactly what search engines you were submitted to. You will be able to go to each search engine to verify your listing.

FFA??? What is this, 2001?

This real makes me steam. I even linked to them in my list of top UK SEO companies. Well no more, I’m not liking to this poor example of SEO advice.

It’s stuff like this that gives SEO a bad name.

Interested to know how often other people come across such awful offerings.

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  1. Do they offer to optimise your site for 900 keywords per page & use a secret network called doorways to help promote the site.

    Sadly I come across this stuff far to often, we have even launched a new set of services aimed specifically at getting people reincluded in Google and other SERPs when their helpful SEO goes even further down the silly path.

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