Stumbleupon spy takes over Google

After I updated my Stumbleupon tool bar this is what I saw after I used Google.


As you can clearly see, where someone has stumbled a web page, or given it a review a variety of little icons are placed next to the results.


Hover over them and you see that a click will take you to a stumbleupon page for that website.

At first I was pissed off that Stumbleupon would just do this without asking or telling me, but then I thought, this is really clever.

I could do some interesting stuff with this, I can now see what doesn’t get stumbled and what does. I can find people who are interested in specific verticals a lot more easier than using the stumbleupon toolbar. I can then contact them and ask them for things like links.

Now if only the Google serps could be re-ranked taking the stumbleupon traffic into account.

What if Google buys stumbleupon and merges with the Google toolbar, hmmm, how useful will a stumble be then.

My advice, start a Stumbleupon account and get stumbling your own stuff before someone else does. I have already claimed the Wikipedia Shoe page ( I’m not a shoe nut, but I thought it would be funny ). I was going to claim but although it says it is not claimed, it uses a redirect and is.

Instead I snagged myself a Dave Naylor page

The reason it’s important to be the first is that if a load of people also give it the thumbs up, your Stumbleupon account becomes more powerful.

So grab it whilst you can.

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