SEO Bitchfest

I love what Michael Gray aka Graywolf is doing with his seo video casting.

He has proposed that some SEO bloggers need to stop blogging, that they add noise rather than useful information which improves the bottom line with their reblogging of news that is already available elsewhere.

I gotta say I agree with our cannine friend.

I have only recently dipped my toe into the pond of the seo blogosphere and am amazed at how much drivel is out there. Of course it not drivel to the writer and it’s great if you enjoy SEO blogging, but a blog is a communication tool rather than a blogwank.

The point is to communicate a thought, an insight, a way to solve a specific problem. If the information has already been read, if it’s old, stale, crusty, mouldy then what does that make the brand that is you and your blog look.

I blog specifically to raise my profile in the SEO community. It will not be an instant thing and I must serve up the juiciest titbits around to gain any traction. It’s about being a problem solver, I want this blog to be a place where other SEO types and marketing types can come and find stuff they cannot find anywhere else is easy to digest portions.

My Enormous Linkbaiting list was a winner, this was because you could not find all that information collated in such a useful way anywhere else. Sure, anyone could go and collate that info, but I was the one that did it. I solved the problem of being able to find cutting edge advice regarding linkbait.

Of course for every great post I do there will be ten not so great posts. But as long as I keep at it, my goal will be acheived.

So here are my tips for publishing a great SEO blog.

1. Have a goal.

Know why you are blogging and make every post contribute to that goal. I would love to blog about Cornish Pasties but I resist knowing that you lot couldn’t give a toss.

2. Publish unique information.

If the info is not unique then improve it, expand it, look at the subject from another angle. Get lateral. Read Edward De Bono

3. You are unique.

You have a monopoly on your thoughts. Your thoughts rank number one in your own search engines. Leverage that advantage. Let loose your personality, don’t be shy. Give your opinion, even if you think the industry will laugh at you. No one has your vision, your view on things. Blog about what you are upto, tell us about your successes, your failures. People are interested.

4. Read less blog more.

I read way too much. There is more information going online today than you could read in your lifetime. I havn’t done the test but I am sure it would be physically impossible to read every SEO and marketing blog out there. As soon as you read one post another pops up. I have problems keeping up with just one blog like SEOmoz. I’m sure those guys outsource to India 😉

5. Blog your convictions.

I love reading Aaron Pratt over at seobuzzbox not so much for the seo info but for the way he relates to the rest of the SEO blogoshphere, or rather specific bloggers like Aaron Wall at SEObook. I find it a little funny that he takes a pop at respected bloggers, I jsut love a bitchfest and yes I know I’m going to hell. But Aaron thinks counter intuitively and whether or not you agree with him that kind of thinking can be very readable.
In fact if I take a look at the seo bloggers I like, they are opinionated and really piss me off sometimes. But I love to be challenged and made to look at things differently. Of course the master of this is Calacanis, but Jeremy Schoemaker is hot on his heals.
Greg Boser, Aaron Wall, Michael Gray, Dave Naylor etc. are also on my reading list. Yes they give info that is very useful, but they add their personality and it may not be pretty at times but it’s bloody readable.

There is more but I have already written too much, no time to edit so deal with the mistakes, I had intended to video cast a response to Graywolf but I’m too impatient to set it up and who wants to see my ugly mugg.

12 Replies to “SEO Bitchfest”

  1. I prefered Barry Schwartz’ response and think Michael could have it ‘toned down’ a bit. I’m not sure I agree that every SEO blogger should step away from the keyboard

    (Check out Barry’s response if you havnt seen it)

  2. Yeah I watched it and got bored half way through. Don’t get me wrong, Barry is a great bloke, just not sure I want to watch him video cast too often.

    The thing is this. Why do you think Graywolf videoblogged this? Was it to thwack the hornets nest that is the SEO blogoshpere with a large stick, or was it to present an academic, forensic thesis to add to the sum of human knowledge?

    I think the former.

    Look at the links he got from it, look at the comments made. Look at how people with commonalilty have been brought together.

    I propose that what Graywolf actually said was not as important as the resulting whirlwind.

    It’s all about creating buzz.

  3. I’m one of the newbie SEO bloggers who has been around the business for years. Just never put anything into ‘words’ on a blog. I started up last month and have really enjoyed it so far. Reading posts like Graywolf’s only motivates me to try harder.

    I enjoyed your post and was glad to see you point out that it was ‘all about the buzz’. Good work!

  4. I think it’s great that people are video blogging counter arguements and Graywolf is posting them on his blog.

    I love a good ding dong.

  5. Krup, I am in the same boat, only been blogging a few months. How many seo bloggers when they saw that video thought, “Oh no, I’m being slagged off.” But have come to the conclusion that he wasn’t blogging about me as I don’t do news.

    I think the thing here is not to take it too seriously and if it makes you a better blogger then everyone wins. It’s easy to think someone is having a go, but at the end of the day we are all part of the community that is the SEO blogosphere and we all have something to say.

    Where I agree with Michael is that we should say what we think and not worry about blogging generic news.

  6. Interesting read here. At first I was like ‘so, you’re down on blogging the latest current events’ (which is my forte w/ sarcastic salsa on the side)… then I see you’re looking for the original slant on things, not just regurgitated news and I was all like yippee (cause I can’t spell hallielula)… cause that’s the way I blogs the internets. (snark). I was dismayed I wasn’t on your reading list, but that’s ok, you just don’t know me yet!

  7. Actually it made me laugh. The comments that followed too. Some were almsot bitchy!

    I think he is wrong though. I read stuff cos its interesting. Different personalities put different slants and interpretations on things. Just because a few well knowners say or publish what most of us know already doesnt men the rest of us need to shut up. Feck, who gave them the crown of exclusivity? Zackly, no fecker, other than the people who read and found what they had to say interesting.

    Its a populist world, say your piece and move on – if people like it, they’ll pop back, if they don’t they wont.

    Nice post Lyndon

  8. It would be interesting to know if any SEO blogger changes their blogging style after this.

    My linking and reading policy on seo blogs are not based on whether they are popular or not but whether the blog has value. I have a finite amount of time and must manage it judiciously. The blogs I chose to use must be based on my business objectives rather than my predjudices.

    By predjudices I mean there are people out there I don’t much care for but have valueble things to say on SEO. This doesn’t cover those who read this blog though, I love you all. 😉

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