My Social Media accounts

I thought I would share with you the locations of all my social media accounts. I notice a lot of familiar faces as I surf various social sites and thought it would be nice if I could friend the people I wanted. I also would like to see what they are up to, I am a nosey blighter by nature.

Then I realised I don’t even have my own accounts listed. This is not a beg to friend me, you do it only if you feel like it. But if you would like to list your accounts in the comments – not hyperlinked else Akismet will go nuts – and I will add you and possibly other readers will as well. You can always post your accounts on your blog and post a link in the comments. One link should get through.

My intention is to be as connected in the SEO industry as I possibly can.

Stumbleupon account

Digg account

Netscape account

bumpzee account

Mybloglog account

Rustybrick messing with Bumpzee

Linkbait is about Creating the Spectacle

One of my favourite books is The 48 Laws of Power. Not the slimmed down, corporate backstabber edition, but the original tome with all the historical background stories. I just love reading about people like Cesare Borgia and what they got up to.

One of the laws reminds me of what Linkbait is about. Continue reading “Linkbait is about Creating the Spectacle”