My Social Media accounts

I thought I would share with you the locations of all my social media accounts. I notice a lot of familiar faces as I surf various social sites and thought it would be nice if I could friend the people I wanted. I also would like to see what they are up to, I am a nosey blighter by nature.

Then I realised I don’t even have my own accounts listed. This is not a beg to friend me, you do it only if you feel like it. But if you would like to list your accounts in the comments – not hyperlinked else Akismet will go nuts – and I will add you and possibly other readers will as well. You can always post your accounts on your blog and post a link in the comments. One link should get through.

My intention is to be as connected in the SEO industry as I possibly can.

Stumbleupon account

Digg account

Netscape account

bumpzee account

Mybloglog account

Rustybrick messing with Bumpzee


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