How can my site rank highly in the search engines

Matterhorn pointed out that he gets asked “How can my site rank highly in the search engines”, when he should be asked, “What can I do to improve my website?”

As an SEO consultant I see part of my job is to educate. The people I talk to do not have 600 SEO blogs loaded onto their favourite RSS feeder, not only do they not have an RSS feeder they don’t know what a bloody RSS feeder. Guess what, before I knew what an RSS feeder was I didn’t know what an RSS feeder was also. Think about that whilst you condescend to a client about not knowing what H1 tags.

The post reminded me of Oilmans post on the whole SEO is overated yawnfest.

He points out that:

* Title Tags
* Meta Description Tags
* Meta Keyword Tags
* ALT Tags
* H1, H2, H3 (and accompanying CSS)
* Keywords in the content
* Internal Links (images vs. text (keyword rich))

are considered easy SEO techniques but then goes on, “Keep in mind we live in a fish bowl and SEO/M is our lives. We live and breath it and have for possibly years and years.”

So when a client asks what we think is the wrong question we gently nudge them to what is really important. Rather than saying, “listen dumbass you obviously no nothing about seo so just shut your gob, give me my fee and allow me to get on with the job before you losers screw things up and get banned by Google.”

That last sentance is probably how the average Digg user would sound if he did SEO. (what a great idea for a post)

Matterhorn goes on to detail what the questioner should look at.

  • Do you offer quality, relevant content that a member of your target market would find useful?
  • Make it immediately clear what you do and who you are
  • Ensure that your website works on all browsers, is not entirely dependent upon technologies such as Shockwave, Java and Flash, and ditch the intro pages.
  • There are a number of things which you can do, in addition to providing quality content, to help in this regard. However, ALWAYS, build your sites for people, not GoogleBot.
  • Pay per click campaigns are a great way to increase traffic

2 thoughts on “How can my site rank highly in the search engines”

  1. I host a new Site – Lumineri. I would appreciate your thoughts about my Site. I need to get up and running fairly quickly, what can I do? Budget is very tight, though.


  2. Sylvia, you have a great site, lovely visual. However the site has not been designed with seo in mind. For example you have no h1 tags, which means your site is not Wc3 complient. Your web designer should have done this.

    There are things you can do, however if your constraint is both time and money then this is tricky. You need one or the other.

    I keep telling my clients I don’t care how pretty their site is, if no one sees it, it’s useless.

    If you had the time there are a lot of free resources you can digest (like this blog for instance ;))

    If you had money you wouldn’t need the time as you could just hire me.

    But allow me to be unconventional for a moment, my girl friend loves cashmere, pay me in product and I would be able to do something for you. 🙂

    You have a great looking site if very poor for for getting into search engines and if your products are of the quality you say they are I could easily make you the cashmere Queen.

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