When you link to me, nice things happen

I came across a juicy seo tactic over at Search Engine Journal, by Loren Baker. It goes like this, if someone links to you. Go and Stumble them.

  • It indirectly sends traffic to your site
  • It rewards people who link to you
  • If you have quality content other stumblers will stumble you

From now on, if you link to me and your site is not spamola crapola, I will stumble you. This is not an ordinary Stumble, oh no. I have a juicy account that has been building for ten months and tends to send a few hundred people as soon as I Stumble.

I think you need 50 thumbs up to get to this level.

After a few days of using this technique I have noticed a bump in traffic, I’m sure the people I Stumbled also got a taste.

This technique only works if your content is of linkable quality and the people who link to you also have linkable quality.

I’m not sure if this would work outside of the SEO world though and I don’t expect people to start linking to stuff they don’t like just to get someone else to Stumble them.

9 thoughts on “When you link to me, nice things happen”

  1. I tend to use both stumbleupon and del.icio.us as a way to say thanks to both people who link to us, as well as people who we link to. So as I linked to the post its duly stumbled, del.icio.us and dugg.

  2. Great points, and it’s nice to give someone a boost isn’t it? A blog friend of mine posted up a video I thought was really funny, so I stumbled it, and he got something like 8000 hits in 2 days, versus 2000 for the previous 3 months – he was blown away, it was great 🙂

    Wonder if this post’s been stumbled? 😉

  3. Well that’s a small world for you. I kept thinking ‘Lyndoman’ sounded familiar, you emailed me via Stumble the other day!

    Hi, I’m also known as ‘Zennor’ 🙂

  4. Hi,

    Just setting up my blog and trying to understand what this stumble upon is and other social networking sites. Thanks for your brief explanation.


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