What Digg users love about SEO

Getting Your Site Indexed Before You Launch
Diggs 1212 PR 0 Alexa 4k Cached pages 1680 Technorati Rank 5,801
Submitted by Mark Daoust

SEO for FireFox Launches!
Diggs 939 PR 5 Alexa 990 Cached pages 2010 Technorati Rank 218
Submitted by Jeremy Hermanns

Why Diggers Hate SEOs
Diggs 677 Pr 0 Alexa 9k Cached pages 260 Technorati Rank 349
Submitted by Curtiss Thompson

Google Takes on Hidden Text
Diggs 657 Pr 0 Alexa 14k Cached pages 961 Technorati Rank N/A
Submitted by Pops aka Jimbobcook

21 Great SEO Tips From Google Engineer Matt Cutts
Diggs 657 Pr 4 Alexa 25k Cached pages 301 Technorati Ranking 4,712
Submitted by Cardiac1

Building a Niche Minisite – Part 2
Diggs 656 PR 0 Alexa 54k Cached pages 100 Technorati 29,512
Submitted by bootlick

Google Sitemaps – Now with average position of keywords
Diggs 652 Pr N/A Alexa N/A Cached pages 2,940,000
Submitted by Matt Polito aka Phatmatt

Google Says Use Digg for Link Building

Diggs 632 Pr 0 Alexa 4k Cached Pages 7,160 Technorati rank 469
Submitted by bs3arch

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) made easy
Diggs 442 Pr 0 Alexa 991 Cached pages 141k Technorati rank 12
Submitted by Dan Huard

Google Ranking factors

Diggs 355 Pr 6 Alexa 26k Cached pages 238
Submitted by jem

Interview with Adam Lasnik of Google
Diggs 281 Pr 5 Alexa 7k Cached pages 260 Technorati rank 344
Submitted by webtickle

The word on the streets is that Diggers hate SEOs. While this may be true in the main, SEO stories still make the front page. Diggers have websites and would like to know how to organise their web pages in such a way that Google loves them. Nothing wrong with that. I think some Diggers have a misguided view on what SEO actually is.

Sure, some people use SEO to serve up empty pages filled with nothing but Adsense or regurgitated information. Some people use hammers to kill people, but you don’t put all carpenters in prison.

SEO does not cause spam, spammers cause spam.

I have included some metrics as I collected the top SEO stories on Digg. I will leave it to you to interpret, I’m not so sure if the metrics provide any useful information. Although it is interesting to note the Technorati rankings in correlation with other metrics such as Alexa.

The top Diggs are thin on the ground, I’m sure if I compared it with a different keyword such as “CSS”, there would be a huge difference.

Most SEO centric stories do not make it, but as the Digg crowd matures maybe some will.

3 thoughts on “What Digg users love about SEO”

  1. I think when you or rather your audience 🙂 submit stories to digg, avoid using the word SEO, ost of those stories don’t have the word SEO in the title, and since the title is what people click the link on, I wrote a quick post today about what to do when your linkbait fails I forgot to put that one of the reasons linkbait fails is that your trying to attract the wrong audience, by using the word SEO in the title you are simply attracting the anti spam lobby (rightly or wrongly) but by placing titles about the specific topic you attract the people who actually know what your talking about.

  2. Well, they’re a fickle lot that’s for sure. I see our blog listed above, yet digg users saw fit to ban our domain after several posts (not submitted by me or anyone on my staff) hit the digg home page 4 times in 6 weeks.

    I like the updated design by the way, very clean.

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