UK SEO companies

SEM Consultancy
Clubnet Search Marketing
Blue Green
Seo Consult
Vertical Leap
David Naylor PR 6 Al
Neutralize PR 6 Alexa 70k
Searchengineoptimising PR 6 Alexa 77k
Southbourne PR 6 Alexa 134k
Xseo PR 6 Alexa 300k

PR 5 Alexa 64k
Site removed for offering services that give seo a bad name
Refreshmedia PR 5 Alexa 187k
Kruse PR 5 Alexa 228k
Websearchworkshop PR 5 Alexa 236k
Cornishwebservices PR 5 Alexa 266k
Yorganic PR5 Alexa 341
Netbooster PR 5 Alexa 588
Searchengineserious PR 5 Alexa 739
Emarketingservices PR 5 Alexa 1,114k
Broadcaster PR 5 Alexa 1,386k
PR 4 Alexa 100k
Mrweb PR 4 Alexa 211
Ehlonline PR 4 Alexa 400k
BWservices PR 4 Alexa 450k
Koded PR 4 Alexa 463k
Optimiser PR 4 Alexa 744k
UKseo PR 4 Alexa 1,000k+
Bold Internet PR 4 Alexa 400k
Searchenginerankingcompany PR 4 Alexa 980k
Web Spectrum PR 4 Alexa 2,000k

Search Latitude PR 3 Alexa 88k
Fusednation PR 3 Alexa 109k
Search Logic PR 3 Alexa 300k
Eflaunt PR 3 Alexa 400k
Inventatech PR 4 Alexa 904
Beyonder PR 3 Alexa 1,722k
Webpageone PR 3 Alexa 2,000k

Sites are ranked by PR and Alexa ranking.

Search terms used to find these links: uk seo, british search engine optimisation, uk search engine optimisation.

If you know of an individual or business who is not on this list, please let me know in the comments below. I will only add those offering SEO services only, web designers will not be added.

So what does this data mean?

Should you chose an SEO service based only on this data? Of course not. It’s intended as a loose guide to SEO services in the UK at this time. A snapshot if you will.

Should you employ an seo company with a low pr and a low Alexa ranking? Absolutely not. If an SEO company cannot get links, cannot get people to visit their website, it does not bode well for your own chances.

Most web designers offer an SEO service but I would argue this is hardly worth the effort. A teeny bit of SEO may get a few pages cached and allow you to rank for your domain and obscure search terms, but I doubt revenue earning keyword rankings will be acquired.

If you are serious about your online presence, you should employ specialists. The return on investment over a period of a year will easily pay for such services.

PR is a factor of time and a new company may not have time under their belt to rank. But surely they know all they have to do is to buy a high PR domain and 301 redirect to the new domain. Probably only cost a few grand.

If I were to set up an Enterprise Search Engine Optimisation company targeting blue chip clients, I would buy a crusty old domain with a bunch of backlinks for up to ?10,000. It would be the only spend in the marketing budget.

I would also publish a blog that offered useful and relevant information. I would use SEOmoz as a guide. This would encourage incoming links from sites in my sector. Any client scanning the blog would see current information being published that detailed best practice for an SEO service.

Free tools would also be available to the search industry to encourage links, goodwill and prestige. Along the lines of and

I would publish my photo on the website, yes I know that it may scare some people, but a personal image helps people connect. I absolutely would not put generic stock photos anywhere on the site, it shouts out amateur.

I would offer linkbaiting and social media optimisation services. Any SEO company who is not current with such practices may not be current with other best practice. At the very least I would partner with any of the new linkbait services popping up and sub-contract them.

Design is important, image is important. The design of the web page is the first thing a client will see, it must be exciting and cutting edge. The site which caught my eye was SEOco, the design stood out from the rest of the crowd and the increased leading in the font made it a lot easier to read. This is a personal judgement and has a lot to do with fashion or perceived value.

The fact is, the lower down the list you go the worse the design gets. And yes I know the design of this site is not tip top, but I’m not pitching myself as an Enterprise level search engine optimiser. At least not at the moment.

Employing an seo consultant is all about return on investment. Will the cash you pay for seo services produce a decent enough return to be worth the effort? This is the question to ask yourself before employing an seo company


360 Innovate PR 4 Alexa 1,888,000

Any UK seo company who would like to be added to the Update part simply drop a note in the comments.

70 thoughts on “UK SEO companies”

  1. Assuming an SEO company is well established (over a year?) what would you suggest the minimum PR you should accept would be?

    I’m surprised the PR of companies like Neutralize is so low. I’m a web designer that knows a bit about SEO, but makes no claims to be an expert, and I’ve never really made a concerted effort to raise my page rank – and yet I’ve got a page rank of 5 on portfolio site, Web Design Cornwall, which has only been up for a year.

    Neutralize have been up since 1999, I think, and yet they’ve only got PR 6. How is that possible?

  2. I think generally the low pr of the industry is because a seo company is not as linkable to as say an Angelina Jolie Fan site.

    Most of the sites not to produce fresh information, which is why I suggest that all SEO companies should have a blog producing interesting and useful articles.

    I know some of them appear to producd news, but it’s of the, “yeah so what” variety that does not attract links.

    A lot of the sites are more like glossy brochures designed to attract dim witted corporate types. Most of these sites do not even have blogs let alone any social media optimisation element.

    SEOmoz and SEObook both run blogs and they are both at PR 7. I wonder if a lot of these companies are scared of giving away the golden goose so to speak. They may think if they give away “free” information no one would pay for their services.

    Very short sighted.

    SEOmoz and SEObook also indulge in the black art of linkbait, hmmmm and they have a PR7. I wonder if there’s a connection?

    Also, the leap from PR 5 to PR 6 is a lot longer than from PR 4 to PR 5. Going from 6 to 7 is an incredible leap and is demonstrable of dominating your industry.

    Of course this is all theorising based on my experience as Google does not release much info regarding PR.

    It is interesting though, taking a look at enterprise search engine optimisation companies and see that a lot of them are just not up to scratch.

  3. Great list Lyndon, I’ve just posted about this on my blog and ruined the good one-way link! 😀

    One other site which should be listed is Freshegg.

  4. Funnily enough, I just got a call from an SEO company, based in St. Agnes, Cornwall, who (when I checked) had a page rank of 0.

    I won’t link to them, but the site is

    They’ve been going 6 months and their excuse was that they’d been so busy working on their clients’ websites that they hadn’t had time to optimize their own.

    But even the on-page optimization on their site seemed pretty poor.

    For example, the title tag was the same on every page and they had the following in the meta keywords tag (give that that won’t have much of an effect anyway).

    CONTENT=”get more customers to my website,get more business to my website,increase sales online,smart traffic”

  5. Yeah I just gave them the once over and maybe they don’t use their website to get clients. I’ve heard that some SEO’s don’t have websites.

    I presume a lot of SEO companies get their clients from personally networking, pressing the flesh at Chamber of Commerce Thai Food nights. And of course the cold call. Brrrrr.

  6. “Should you employ an seo company with a low pr and a low Alexa ranking? Absolutely not.”

    There are many SEO companies that use their client’s sites to link to their own without the client knowing. Others just spend extraordinary efforts in gaining links to boost their PR. I would rather they spend that time on my site as their client.

    Any SEO company worth employing should have a reputation for success. This reputation is not dependant on their website, but the work they do with their clients.

  7. Thanks for your comment Rupert, however I disagree.

    To me, a website of an SEO company is part of it’s brand. No matter what of our opinion of PR and Alexa, they are metrics that are freely available to the public.

    When that metric is applied to the brand it has an effect.

    If you are of the opinion that the list makes absolutely no sense then answer me this. If you could have any of the companies work on your website for free who would it be?

    My hunch is that it wont be any of those in the lower half. Personally, I would chose Dave Naylor.

    Is it a coincidence that he has a high PR and a high Alexa. Does he spend all his time on beefing up his own ranking, or is he that high because he is bloody good at what he does?

    Would you employ a mechanic whose car always broke down?
    Or a plumber whose house was always flooded.

    I stand by what I said, if you cannot get a good PR and a good Alexa rank for your SEO company, then that reflects on you.

    Of course, 50% of SEO companies will be in the lower 50% of any top list, so I would expect 50% of SEO companies on that list to disagree with me.

    Have you noticed when people don’t get invited to the party they always say it’s rubbish anyway. 🙂

  8. You make a very good point. I would be worried if my mechanic had a car that continually failed to work; but I would be equally concerned if my mechanic gave me a second-rate service because he was too busy waxing his own car.

    If I could afford Mr Naylor, then he would be my top pick too, but for different reasons. He is a name I know and his reputation preceeds him; his writings have been of great help to me in the past and I know (without resorting to manipulatable statistics) that he is very good at what he does.

    It is not a coincidence that David Naylor has a good PageRank, but I doubt he spends much effort in getting it; his PR value is ‘honest’ if you like, in that it comes to him rather than him seeking it out. Some companies on that list take some interesting measures to get the PageRank that they have.

    There are a couple of companies in the top five that I wouldn’t touch with a barge-pole. There are also a few companies that I would consider (by reputation) in the bottom 30% or that aren’t listed at all.

    I am not saying that these statistics are irrelevant (maybe I should have been clearer); what I am saying is that reputation speaks louder than numbers and that people shouldn’t be put off by an SEO company that doesn’t have the best-ranking website out there. David Naylor has the reputation and the numbers; many others have one but not the other.

  9. Rupert, I pretty much agree with what you say. One should not go on PR and Alexa alone, but put the top half of this list against the bottom half in an SEO contest I know who I would put my money on.

    If they are not on the list that only means they were not within the parameters I set. It in no way suggests they are crap SEO, it just means that they are not on the list and nothing else should be infered.

    I’m intrigued who you wouldn’t touch with a barge pole. There are some “BIG” companies who I think fit that bill. If you want to tell me msn me at lyndonantcliff at 😉

  10. FYI – Vertical Leap has a PR of 5 and not 0. Checked from the Google Toolbar which I believe is what you are using to determine this list?

  11. Thanks Matt, at the time it was giving a 0, shows that you should only trust the little green bar so far.

  12. I think it would be interesting to expand this list to all UK seo consultants.

    I would also like to apply editorial controls and weed out the ones I feel are offering a poor service. I might start a UK SEO directory, but a straight directory would be boring and I am sure has been done elsewhere.

    It does mean more work though, megh!

    Will someone please design a widget I can add a bunch of urls to and it spits out the PR and Alexa instantly, add backlinks, whois and age and it would be a winner.

    I mean it can’t be hard to do, if you are one of those hairy programmer types.

  13. I think us at Site Visibility have been keeping to low a profile!

    I definately think there’s room for almost market place of SEO consultants, where there can be a sort of peer review so potential clients can see who the UK industry highly regards and who they think are scamsters a bit like the but for SEO.

    Well Volunteered though…

  14. Cornwallseo I’m impressed. Well done with your efforts. It’s good to see people at the far end of the country (From Kent) can also participate in the SEO industry.

    Personally I wouldn’t get too hung up on Google PageRank or Alexa. In the end its the value of the traffic you generate for your clients that really counts.

  15. I agree, PR and Alexa were only used for this list as they are universally recognised. People can read into it what they want.

    Still, I like looking at my own Alexa ranking. Coupled with other data it has its use.

    It’s getting to be a cliche, “but Alexa Data can be skewed.” Sure it can, and if you know that you can apply it to your assesment of the data and come out with something useful.

  16. Vertical Leap are not a good SEO company at all. They dont even call it SEO! Their Tag says forget SEO, its all about Managed Search Engine Marketing – LOL

  17. Hi,

    What’s the chances og having my company added to the list, I noticed that you said web designers will not be added but I have driven the company to offering SEO and SEM as a proper service and our business model is now seeing these ourselves offering seo friendly websites.

    Plus over the last 3 months I have worked my butt off to see us gain top ranking for the following keyword phrases:

    seo company
    uk seo company
    seo company scotland
    seo evaluation

  18. Well the list followed strict parameters and was part of a test detailed above. However I don’t see why I cant add an update bit.

    I keep meaning to get round to building a Directory of SEO, yeah I know, ironic as I have just slagged off old skool directories.

    I do have some ideas about giving it a little web 2.0 magic

    Paul well done, you are 2nd for seo company in Google UK

  19. Hobo and Paul, the pr was given at the time I performed the test. If I start updating each time there is a change… well, it’s just too much work and I’m just too lazy.

    However, I will be doing an update where I will list all UK SEO companies with the updated PR.

    People reading this post should realise the data is out of date.

  20. Datadial – PR6 –

    Just to join in the discussion – I certainly wouldn’t base a decision to hire an SEO company based on their PR/Alexa ranking etc.

    If you’re looking to hire an SEO ask for the ranking of current clients, and call the clients up to make sure they’re happy and that they were delivered what they were promised. Any company with nothing to hide will be quite happy to hand out a couple of current client numbers (with their approval of course!)

  21. E-Gain Online Marketing – PR4 –

    Got to agree with Matt, regarding his point on hiring an SEO company based on their Alexa ranking.

    Word of mouth in my opinion is one of the best ways of generating business, outside of online sources, as well as thorough evaluation of practises, reviews etc.

  22. Hi, is it possible to Add Webpresence ( to the SEO company list?

    We are a UK based SEO specialists.

    Many thanks in advance, Lee

  23. Ok, will add everyone soon. I’m actually going to be doing something a little different, hence the delay.

  24. We’re a web design company that specialise in SEO, what’s the problem with web companies? All our staff (including programmers, copywriters and project managers) Go to at least one SES event per year and have to attend training sessions in SEO on a weekly basis. Our SEO is therefore joined up from the coding to the copy writing to the business model. It’s worked really well on our own companies products, giving us loads of visitors that convert into customers (not just those that are “driven” there). Our website isn’t particularly well optimised because we don’t have the time or the inclination to get up there for SEO just so other SEO companies can check us out and try to leapfrog us. We get almost all of our business from referrals by people who’ve made a lot of money out of us.

    I know what you’re saying about SEO firms needing to get a high PR and all that but I would argue that these firms are more interested in their own ego’s rather than their clients needs

  25. Nice post. Nice to be able to see the majority of UK SEO firms on one page – good job.

    PR and Alexa ranks are indicative of how well ranked an SEO firm is but, the true test is to run is a SERP report for the companies listed. There’s not much point in having a high PR if you don’t list on page-1 of Google for your services.

    See – BigMouthMedia – the reason they do well in business is because they rank well for phrases like ‘search engine marketing’ and ‘online marketing agency.’ Punters that need SEO don’t necessarily type ‘SEO’ into a search engine….

    …..think about it….. & optimise your web business to what your prospects are after. It works for us.

  26. Am away to build myself a wee tool to produce these lists for market competition for search phrases. Just need to go and mash up some existing tools I had but never use. Great idea

  27. I wish people would stop getting hung up on page rank. I work with an SEO agency Knowallmedia, both our page ranks fluctuate between PR4 and Pr5. The fluctuation makes absolutely no difference to our actual page rankings and traffic.

    Knowallmedia have a server that has been hosting websites since 1998 (Colbalt blue thing). Its IP address has never change. Just hosting any website on the server automatically (within 3 months) gives it a page rank of 2.

    Its my opinion that Google started Pr as a serious way of ranking websites and then had to alter course as blogging took off to such a large way that it had to rethink the whole process of judging a website by links to

  28. Hi there,

    Some very interesting comments on here. We also would like to be added to your SEO list.

    Thanks very much,

    owner/seo & internet marketing specialist

  29. What if an SEO company have a low Pagerank but have managed to get extremely high pagerank for their clients.

    Also how important should pagerank really be as a measure of SEO success?

    We are a web design company offering web design and SEO services for msll businesses. Our domain name is fairly new, about 7 months old so we only have a pagerank of 3 to 4 for our website pages. Considering our domain name is fairly new and we have not yet received a DMOZ listing, will our pagerank of 3 really be a measureof our true abilities?

    Inspite of our page rank we have page1 rank in bit Google and Yahpp searches for about 4 or 5 keyword phrases and receive on an average 3 clients a month purely fro, Google searches.

    As we only have a page rank of 3, does this still imply that we lack SEO skills?

  30. Then id think they are making themselves a good amount of money and portfolio 😛

    PR is not an accurate measure of a companys success, as they may have other sources such as word of mouth etc.

  31. Gravytrain specialises in working with companies that are in need of strategic planning, enhanced user experience web design, Search Engine Optimisation, measurable online marketing and advertising activities and efficient e-business performance.

  32. Mindurge, a leading interactive media agency providing advanced services for Search Engine Marketing, Strategic Planning, Ecommerce Consulting, Web Programming.

  33. Hi. We would love to added to your list. We offer SEO, Ecommerce and web design but we provide dedicated SEO campaigns for clients and don’t just bolt it on after. Let me know if you need any more info about us.

  34. Updated added, I will be updating this at least one a day with a view to getting every UK SEO company added

  35. Happy New Year to all & co.

    I’m a self employed Newcastle Upon Tyne based SEO Specialist, coming up 4 years full-time self employed thankfully, around the same time as my 28th birthday. It’s been tough ride so far but I still relish optimisation, it’s hard work and never-ending in a sense.
    I hope 2012 is going to be a tip top year for all in many respects, add another year to your legacies, I hope this comment and consequential link to which I humbly put forward will help the year flow onwards and upwards, I genuinely do. I also have started another free to use lead generation service for SEO Experts in the UK:

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  36. PR, like site content, can and will change, therefore is a variable that I believe is not as relevant as how well the company can complete the project. Yes pagerank is a little like a shop window display – if it looks terrible that will influence the amount of foot traffic coming in, but the bottom line of an SEO company should be ethics.

    Bad ethics, non-white hat seo, is far more detrimental than the PR of an SEO companies website! These days, it seems PR is more of an ego enhancer…for example I’m sure the PR of my website (I honestly havent checked) may well be low BUT as I’m pretty much at the top of the natural rankings for the Cornwall market I couldn’t care less about what or how another company ranks my website!

    There seems to be plenty of bitchiness in this industry – more a case of other SEO companies negatively commenting on & trying to unsettle other people in the industry – to me, this kind of attitude is worse than any pagerank, because in my opinion it reflects negatively on the industry as a whole.

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