Surprise end referals to SEOmoz first video

One of the best SEO blogs out there have just out a video discussion of SEO topics. It’s always interesting to see different media used to deliver the same message. Video can can capture the passion and body language of the speaker in a far more instant way then mere words.

Although there are limitations to the amount of information which can be deseminated this way, it certainly adds a freshness to the voice of the author. I’m all for it.

But don’t expect this SEO denzien to but slapping up a youtube video sometime soon. Some things you don’t what to see.

Speaking of things you don’t want to see or rather things you want to see, play the SEOmoz video to the end and this is what you get.


Now I’m all for a good shoe shop prank, but a cheating wife or celebrity-upskirt. Hmmm. I kinda expected to be shown other SEO videos, say Matt Cutts talks spam. But instead metacafe invite me to share an audio visual experience of what it’s like to look under a celebritys’ skirt.

Now each to your own, different strokes for different folks and all that. But, the interesting question is why does this happen. In the interest of research I check out the shoe shop prank video to see what appears at the end.

It promises,

When a pretty girl needs some help with her skirt, these guys are all too happy to lend a helping hand.

and the clips mentioned at the end are a bit more of the salacious variety. Suffice it to say this is not work safe.

If you observe the most popular videos at Metacafe they tend to contain the risque stuff. So I presume they simply rotate the popular videos at the end of every clip.

I certainly didn’t expect stuff like this at SEOmoz. I wonder if it will increase bookmarkage?

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