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Guide to Link Buying : Directories, Ads and Reviews
A round up of the best places to spend your dollars when considering directories.

Neuromarketing & Branding in the Search Results – What a great word, neuromarketing. The theory that branding can actually create a more positive response than a product itself.

You no longer have to worry about search engines – A list of ways to drive traffic to your website without having to bother with search engines.

Optimising your blog for inclusion into Google – Aaron Wall answers questions regarding lifting your blog out of supplementalk hell.

Chris Garret tells us to lift our sights and lift our standards – Chris G has some great insights into how we should approach tasks, I would include SEO in this. As I blog I try to be as unique and extraordinary as possible. Failing everytime, I constantly reach where I cannot touch.

How to Conquer Writer?s Block ? The Ultimate Guide Link stolen from Brian Clark of Copyblogger

Searchenginewatch vs Searchengineland


It looks like the brand of Danny Sullivan is as strong as ever. has an Alexa ranking of 2,593 whilst hot on its heels, has an Alexa ranking of 4,484.

How long before Searchengineland is permanantly on top?

5 Reasons why I blog

I got tagged by Greg H at SMOmashup so here goes.

1. I blog because I want to raise my profile in the search optimisation industry. I have been building websites and sending people to them for 9 years. I think I’m pretty knowledgable and have a good skill set. Most of my SEO work has been for my own sites and a few friends. Although I do SEO at Web Design Book.

I am looking at going corporate and breaking into Enterprise level search, and see blogging as a way to demonstrate my SEO skills [Read more…]

Let a woman teach you the secrets of Linkbait

Headlines are the most crucial part of writing linkbait. More people read the headline than will read the body copy. If the headline fails everything else does. No one will read your brilliant copy if the headline fails to entice.

This morning I went to my local Tesco to pick up some much needed nappies and chocolate muffins (the muffins were for me and the nappies for my kid, just thought I’d clear that up). I checked out the magazine rack. I can never resist a peek at the magazine rack. I love magazines, if anything gives you great ideas it’s a rackful of contemporary mags. [Read more…]