Secrets of the H1 tag revealed

The H1 tag is an important element on the list of things to help you to rank.

Whilst not the most important tag it is still a useful way to emphasise the meaning of your content. Both to search engines and human readers.

WordPress for example puts the Title of the individual post into a H1 tag when listing snippets of multiple posts on one page. This would be the logical way to organise the content as it denotes content that is separate to each other, but related to the site topic. Continue reading “Secrets of the H1 tag revealed”

What Digg users love about SEO

Getting Your Site Indexed Before You Launch
Diggs 1212 PR 0 Alexa 4k Cached pages 1680 Technorati Rank 5,801
Submitted by Mark Daoust

SEO for FireFox Launches!
Diggs 939 PR 5 Alexa 990 Cached pages 2010 Technorati Rank 218
Submitted by Jeremy Hermanns
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