How Diggers beat up a crusty old Geezer

In April 2006 Alexa shows that recieved more traffic than the Drudge report.

The LA Times has a story about the rise of social media sites like Digg.

It points out that The Drudge report used to be the place for news, no more. Diggers rule the roost. They drive more traffic to news stories than poor old Matt Drudge does these days.

But all is not what it seems, the Times suggests that the system is open to manipulation. [Read more…]

Secrets of the H1 tag revealed

The H1 tag is an important element on the list of things to help you to rank.

Whilst not the most important tag it is still a useful way to emphasise the meaning of your content. Both to search engines and human readers.

WordPress for example puts the Title of the individual post into a H1 tag when listing snippets of multiple posts on one page. This would be the logical way to organise the content as it denotes content that is separate to each other, but related to the site topic. [Read more…]

New design

Yes you have come to the right place and yes I have updated my design. It’s still not quite finished, need to tinker a little.

The old one had it’s charm, but time to look a bit more sharp.