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Guide to Link Buying : Directories, Ads and Reviews A round up of the best places to spend your dollars when considering directories. Neuromarketing & Branding in the Search Results – What a great word, neuromarketing. The theory that branding can actually create a more positive response than a product itself. You no longer have […]

Searchenginewatch vs Searchengineland


It looks like the brand of Danny Sullivan is as strong as ever. has an Alexa ranking of 2,593 whilst hot on its heels, has an Alexa ranking of 4,484. How long before Searchengineland is permanantly on top?

5 Reasons why I blog

I got tagged by Greg H at SMOmashup so here goes. 1. I blog because I want to raise my profile in the search optimisation industry. I have been building websites and sending people to them for 9 years. I think I’m pretty knowledgable and have a good skill set. Most of my SEO work […]

Let a woman teach you the secrets of Linkbait

Headlines are the most crucial part of writing linkbait. More people read the headline than will read the body copy. If the headline fails everything else does. No one will read your brilliant copy if the headline fails to entice. This morning I went to my local Tesco to pick up some much needed nappies […]

Graywolf interviews Lyndoman on local search

I’m no local search expert, but I do have a view on it. Graywolf interviews Lyndoman on local search In the UK, local search is garbage. Apart from – yellow pages online – There is no consistent local search system available. Most of this is due to the fact that a lot of small […]

UK SEO companies

SEM Consultancy Clubnet Search Marketing Blue Green Ispymarketing Seo Consult POLR Vertical Leap Bigmouthmedia David Naylor PR 6 Al Neutralize PR 6 Alexa 70k Searchengineoptimising PR 6 Alexa 77k Southbourne PR 6 Alexa 134k Xseo PR 6 Alexa 300k SEOptimise PR 5 Alexa 64k Site removed for offering services that give seo a […]

Best posts so far

Here are my suggestions for the best posts on this blog so far. Whaddya think? Should I keep on or go get the job at Kwiky Mart? You do get free chile dogs.

Nobody wants the ugly, linkbait kid

To me, Linkbait is the tough little guy who people wouldn’t want to trapped in an elevator with, but would love to have by their side in a zombie apocalypse situation. So I understand why people are saying they don’t like to call it linkbait. It’s like if you have a deformed cousin called Guido […]

Mybloglog spam found in the logs

I found this referal link this morning in my stats, http://localhost/mybloglog/spamrun.php Looks like someone is running a script to spam the widget. I doubt it’s very succesful and It’s quite easy to spot who it is and log their IP number for future fun and games ;)