Nobody wants the ugly, linkbait kid

To me, Linkbait is the tough little guy who people wouldn’t want to trapped in an elevator with, but would love to have by their side in a zombie apocalypse situation.

So I understand why people are saying they don’t like to call it linkbait. It’s like if you have a deformed cousin called Guido whose diet consits only chile dogs from Seven Eleven, and Jolt Cola. Who occaisonally barfs on your front lawn.

But that same cousin is the only one who can put the carb back together on your 69 Mustang convertable.

So as you have to have him around, maybe if you called him something different like Charles. Maybe the next time he hits the wifes Hydrangers with some projectile vomit he would appear more likable.

SEO is easy, SEO is tough. Whatever. You need Guido. Lets stick with calling it linkbait and break out that Mustang and make some noise.

Eric Ward
Nick Wilson