New design

Yes you have come to the right place and yes I have updated my design. It’s still not quite finished, need to tinker a little.

The old one had it’s charm, but time to look a bit more sharp.


  1. says

    Looks quite nice. Wouldn’t have noticed if you didn’t mention it since I came from the feed.

    No matter how well you design it beating the content quality of this blog will be tough. Never hurts to try though!

  2. Lyndoman says

    I see we both changed designs at the same time. I like the size of you text. Size matters!
    Baron, your site is a must read for anyone looking at social media.
    How many times have you been dugg now?

  3. Lyndoman says

    West Ham! If anyone it would be Leeds United with the Billy Bremner line up.

    I’m thinking of making the text bigger, I hate this 10pt stuff.

    It’s my own design and as I am a useless web designer I think I’ve done pretty well.

  4. says

    Thank you for noticing.

    I’ve only been on Digg twice maybe? Viciously buried as well. Netscape has proven much kinder though the spike is not as pronounced.

    I’ll definitely be paying attention to this space. The linkbait article was a wonderful resource!

  5. says

    I like the simplicity of this new design.

    I use a similar layout for one of my blogs and I’m pretty satisfied with it.

    May be a slightly larger text in the main content area will be better, and may be the header part needs some (re)touch. But overall the site currently looks pretty good.

  6. Lyndoman says

    Thanks Volkan, I agree, larger text would improve it and the header can be improved.

    I am also thinking of reducing the leading of the text.