Is your Blog "Link Lite"?

Rob Watts has taken the decision to remove the “no-follow” tag from his blog. After reading about what Andy Beal and Andy Beard were up to.

Brilliant idea.

What is the point of the “no-follow”? It does not stop comment spam so lets get rid of it and reward people who make comments.

I manage my comments, so I don’t need a disincentive. I want people to comment and I want them to be rewarded with a proper like instead of this “link lite” crap.

I will be removing the no follow, so in future you will get a nice, meaty link back to your blog. Hey, as Jason Calacanis says, “everybody has got to eat”.

OK, I don’t know where to start with the removal so it may take a day or two.

13 thoughts on “Is your Blog "Link Lite"?”

  1. You can just do the simple code hack, or use one of the many “dofollow” plugins for WordPress.

    On my blog spam rarely gets through SK2, even to the moderation queue.

    I would also suggest using a clear comment policy

  2. Thanks Andy, I didn’t realise there were plugins available, but I have spent zero time looking.

    I now have no excuse.

  3. Cool! I would comment anyway though. You have a great blog.

    I?m fairly good with the marketing stuff but I suck at programming. (I also don?t update my blog very often, it?s all just for fun) I use the Search Status FireFox plugin to highlight the nofollow links pink. I don?t see any pink links on my blog but I don?t remember doing anything special to make it that way.

  4. holy hell. this being my first personal wordpress venture I’ve never realized that comments had this! I feel like a friggin hypocrite railing against the big wiki when I didn’t even realize I was doing this on my own! Why does wordpress come with this? What a crock of s#^*!!

  5. Something else that may be of interest to reward your commenters is the ‘Top Commentators’ plugin. Does what it says on the tin, and has no-follow turned off automatically.

    Has really boosted the number of comments on my blogs, and people get a Google friendly link out of it. Nobody has abused it yet, and it’s got some easy to set up filter options if they do…

    John Chow put me onto this, he comes up with some good stuff.

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