If Google and Digg got married, what kind of child would they have?

I love Google, I love Digg. But what if they loved each other?

What if they snuck off to a Las Vegas marriage parlour. Booked the Elvis and tied the knot?

What would their offspring be like?

There are a number of ways this could go.

Google News and Google Reader are integrated into the Digg system allowing people to vote on their favourite stories without having to submit.

Google integrates a Digg system into its search results pages allowing people to vote on the results. Only pages that are freshly crawled get the vote option and it is only available for three days. The results are collated in a seperate system and have not effect on the current search engine pages.

Digg has a “freshly crawled” section where Google sends newly crawled pages to be voted on.

Google shuns Digg, gets divorced and starts it’s own social voting system using Google News and Google Reader as it’s foundation.

If the serps had a function where you could vote up or down, would that make search better. I’m talking something like Reddit, which has been notoriously hard to game.

Anyone remember Infoseek? A search engine which enabled clicks on results to effect the results. Unfortunately, (or fortunately) it was easy to game.

Questions my lateral thinking raises would be:

Should a highly Dugg url get a bump in the SERPS?

Can Digg be replicated across the social spectrum and not be centered on technologists?

Can Diggers build a better search engine than Google, simply by voting up or down the serps?

Google and Digg are basically the same thing. Information delivery systems. They serve up information to people who initiate queries. Taking the best bits from both systems and melding them together would create a third information delivery system which would be very interesting.

When will we read the headline, “Google buys Digg”?

7 thoughts on “If Google and Digg got married, what kind of child would they have?”

  1. Brilliant. That’s probably the future of search AND social news. Same URL but different for everybody. Only you get all the info you want.

  2. I was thinking of the same thing for like weeks just never got around to doing a post about it.

    After seeing yours I went ahead and did a post with a mock you can see on my site. Just click my name, I don’t like spamming in comments.

  3. Hi,

    I think that as SEO’s take over the online news generation at places like Northtcliffe the content of news will be very much “wedded” to Google, in order to drive traffic. BUT will the content be relevant to the target audience? I think that a Digg type system would see to that in the long run as readers determine content, rather than the advertisers on Google…

  4. I actually really like Google, just like I like Microsoft – even though they want to create monopolies over everything. But what comapny doesn’t. Especially when they actually improve businesses (although the YouTube thing might question that statement!)

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