How to get linked to by an A listing, high ranking SEO guru.

For those of you in a rush, the answer is.

“Write what they want to read.”

For those with a little more time let me expand.

If you have an SEO blog ,you no doubt read other SEO blogs. You probably read blogs like Searchengineland, Searchenginewatch, Wolf-Howl, Stuntdbl, SEOmoz and many many more. You probably want these SEO bloggers to read your stuff and say, “Your cool, lets hang” and give you a link. I know I do.

What other industry would you expect this to happen? For example if you were in the film industry you wouldn’t expect Scorsese to come watch your movie and then tell everyone about it, or have Paul McCartney turn up at your gig if you are in the music industry.

So why do we expect people who are at the top of their field to take notice of lessor known, lessor connected blogs like this one.

Quite frankly, I don’t expect any recognition or any link love. I started this blog to reflect where I was at in my SEO journey and to reflect my thoughts and experiences. To be honest I didn’t expect the level of attention it has recieved.

What I have learned is that when you are passionate, intelligent and communicative about something – without being an arse – people like that.

People like to learn what you learn if it adds to the sum of their knowledge.

Everyone has a different perspective so everyone has a unique view of what is happening in their attempts at SEO and what they see happening in the industry around them.

One thing I have noticed whilst blogging about SEO is that the same news gets replicated by bloggers. So when Mybloglog was bought by Yahoo it bounced around the SEO blog world and seemed to be everywhere. I don’t think that such a post is worth linking to. I make it a point of my blog strategy not to reblog SEO news.

Of course if I get the scoop that Google is buying Apple, Ask or AOL I will blog about it, but only if I am the only one.

I would like to see more SEO bloggers write about case studies. Realistic attempts to rank for a keyword and a forensic analysis of the results. I have an idea regarding this subject which I may blog about later.

So far I have been linked to twice by Searchengineland (yes I am sad enough to count), Linkbuildingblog, Threadwatch (thanks Web-professor), Searchenginewatch.

Non SEO sites that have given a link Problogger ( yes I am counting links from here too), Techmeme, Jason Calacanis, Marketing Pilgrim

It’s enough that people in the industry read my stuff. If they link too then that’s a bonus and very welcome. A few people commented that my Enormous list of Linkbait articles was linkbait, the reality was it wasn’t my intention to produce linkbait when I gathered the links. I simply wanted a list of the best linkbait articles I had read in the past, so I could go back and read again. It seemed that a number of other people also valued such a list and the links followed.

I’m not saying forget about your audience. Give them what they want, but don’t obsess over getting links and don’t whinge when no one links to you. It doesn’t mean they don’t like you, they just don’t like what you wrote. So write something else.

This is the post that inspired me to write, although the meat of the post has been on my mind for a while. By Aaron Pratt.
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9 thoughts on “How to get linked to by an A listing, high ranking SEO guru.”

  1. I agree with you. I really try not to blog the self same thing that hundreds of other bloggers have already hit. It is more of an effort to spend the time coming up with something different, so I can see why people do fall into the ‘me too’ posts (and despite my best intentions I probably have a couple of those buried in there).

    Oh, and I’ve had 2 links from SEL too (one on their first day), my money’s on you for the hat-trick before me 😉

  2. Its odd we have been blogging for a few months now, mainly SEO stuff, but also Drupal (our second largest source of income) and a few other bits, but the posts that get linked to always seem to be well off our main topics, its slowly changing we have had a couple of Links from main site which if nothing else means a nice set of daily visitors to 2 of our worst posts 🙁

    The key is to rememmber a links a link whether it came from Darren rowse or Joe blogs, its still got the same emotional value (the hey some one like me) even if they don’t bring so many visitors (oh and I got 2 links of Darren within a week, and then moved my blog of, I sent a nice email but he didn’t repoint the links 🙁 )


  3. You’re absolutely right, Lyndon. I’m constantly looking for new blogs to link to in our daily wrap-up posts at Search Engine Watch, and the primary criteria I use is what’s being said, rather than who says it. Not parroting other search blogs is of course helpful too.

    I enjoy reading your posts (other than the ones that foretell our impending doom, of course) because they’re original, informative, and well written. That pretty much encapsulates what people should strive for if they’re looking for links.

    Kevin Newcomb
    News Editor, Search Engine Watch

  4. Simon congrats on the 2 links from SEL, I’m sure you will continue to produce content that will attract more.

    Venture, I’m not so sure I agree with you that a link is a link. A link coming from a site which Google sees as a trusted authority is far more important than a link from spam

    Mitza, I’m not sure I’m getting big. However I am developing a voice and some people like what they read. But yeah, things are going well. Thanks for the vote of confidence.

    Kevin thank you also for the vote of confidence. Search Engine Watch still has a great team and SES still attracts the SEO glitarati. So I’m sure we are not witnessing the destruction of SEW, however I do think we will be seeing a few changes over the next 6 months.
    I will strive to continue producing content that is linkable.

    Thanks for the link Matt, I sent some Stumble action your way.

  5. Hi Lyndoman,
    I think a Link is a Link emotionally, from an SEO point of view you want high value link, and from a personal view you would prefer your link was not from a scraper site. But a link from a small PR0 blogger is as potentially valuable as one from a PR6 blogger, you never know where they will go. So I stand by a Link is a Link but add the caveat Spam and scrapers aren’t links as they will vanish over night anyway.

  6. Hi,

    I think you are one of those skilled bloggers/seo unfortunate that you started off late. but guess what? you’ve got company – lots of em. including me. 😉

  7. Great article, but there really wasn’t much of a solution other then the suggestion to write related content. Which should be a given if you have a web site about a topic. Maybe I misunderstood the article?

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