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In a previous post I talked about how womens magazines are a great source for linkbait headlines

For example, there are some great headline ideas over at Magnetic Web Content.

I thought I would share the thought process for the writing of that headline, which I think is pretty good. Although it’s not yet been tested and I always think there is a better headline out there.

I try to give the headline about half as much thought as the actual writing of the post. It’s so important to get the best headline you can. I always feel I could do better if I had more time, just one more tweak. But there comes a point when you just have to let go.

Here are the alternative headlines I brainstormed, some of them are awful, but the point of a brainstorm is to write down everything you think. A bad idea can be the trigger for a great idea

  • 18 Linkbait headlines – it’s not what you think
  • 18 Example headlines not intended for linkbait
  • 18 Reasons a Linkbaiter should read womens magazines
  • 18 Reasons to think out of the box when creating Linkbait
  • Let a woman teach you the secrets of Linkbait
  • 18 Reasons you should read magazines
  • Let your girlfriend teach you how to linkbait
  • 18 Linkbaiting tips from your girlfriend
  • Learn how to linkbait from a woman
  • 18 ways to learn how to linkbait from your girlfriend
  • The secret of linkbaiting women have found

5 thoughts on “Examples of a headline”

  1. here’s a few I’ll add (I twisted some up a little, but they still apply):

    –Why your Girlfriend can linkbait better than you.
    –Top 18 Examples of Super Linkbait by Super Women.
    –Top 18 Headlines That Your Wife Created, Without Even Trying.
    –18 Ways To Win An Argument! (Hint: Start Them!)
    –18 Powerful Secrets Women Use To Win-Over New Readers
    –The Secret 18 Tactics Women Use To Trick You Into Listening To Them.
    –Top Secret Methods Women Use to Get OTHER WOMEN To Pay Attention!
    –Women Win: 18 Strategies Used to Garner Favors
    –18 Reasons Why Women Are Better Search Marketers Than Men.

    Ok, in the defense of men I should mention that a lot of MEN write/edit for Women’s magazines too. (As do Women work for Men’s mags as well). But this still makes for interesting ideas and brainstorming.

  2. Jason those are some excellent suggestions.

    maybe you can still get a Job with Cosmopilitan, 😉

  3. Esrun I think it’s a mistake to think Linkbait is taking off. It’s always been with us in some form, ever since the cave man drew on the cave wall to attract the cave woman.

    Sure, it can be argued that Linkbait is a specific form of communication and has its own syntax, but at it’s core it’s no different than any form of communication whose intention is to be consumed by the maximum amount of readers.

    It’s a mistake to think Linkbait is a new thing. Those who realise what Linkbait actually is will have the edge. The word is new, but the method is ancient.

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