Best posts so far

Here are my suggestions for the best posts on this blog so far. Whaddya think? Should I keep on or go get the job at Kwiky Mart? You do get free chile dogs.

Is your Blog ?Link Lite??
Is this the thing that will destroy Digg?
Who the hell does Graywolf think he is?
What has the Title tag ever done for me?
5 Reasons I love
Why Linkbait is a waste of time
Who the hell does Quadzilla think he is?
Analysis of the front page of Digg
The single most important factor in getting to rank
How to get Darren Rowse to read your blog
The Talent of Persuading Social Tribes is more effective than pure SEO
SEO is fundamentally a set of methodologies
Social Media Optimization round up
62 posts on how to squeeze the juice from digg
Another list of Article sites
Conversion Rate Experts

5 thoughts on “Best posts so far”

  1. How to get Darren Rowse to read your blog has to be one if not the best post on this blog, and any blog for a very long time. Though I have to ask does he still read your blog? The next best I think is squeezing juice out of Digg and not just because we got a mention, big thanks for that by the way, but it was I think a great resource list, for anyone trying viral marketing.

  2. I don’t think Darren has been back since, but then I don’t think the information I have published lately is within his remit.
    My best post with regards to backlinks and traffic was the “Is this the thing that will destroy Digg”.

    It’s funny, the stuff I think is really clever and will be popular turn out to be duds, then the stuff that is easy and just me spouting off seems to get traction.

    I will be posting more resource stuff. Particularly in the area of linkbait, as I’m quite interested in this area.

  3. I think thats always the way, I have a very good idea of what will do well and what won’t on the blogs I write on yet, am always surprised when the most innocent post becomes popular, Our make a site like Digg tutorial was done more as a log, for us as we were working on a new site, but its by far the most popular series we have run.
    But well done on your first few months, and you never know Darren may be an avid feed reader 🙂

  4. Best posts as youve picked up on, are a very subjective thing. You might well turn on a light in someones head whilst making another reading the very same yell noooooooo and have them run away screaming to the back button 😉

    My fave thus far is ‘why linkbait is a waste of time’ I loved the headline for its antagonistry value and it wasa pretty good read, that inpsired me to comment and engage, so yeah, on that basis, my fave so far.

    P.s I hear that apoo is hiring over at Springfield…;)

  5. Possible I should have called it most popular posts. My favourite post is the Linkbait kid, but it did nothing really.

    It tells me to stop trying to be clever and give people what they want and like.

    It’s hard when you’re a smart arse.

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