5 Reasons why I blog

I got tagged by Greg H at SMOmashup so here goes.

1. I blog because I want to raise my profile in the search optimisation industry. I have been building websites and sending people to them for 9 years. I think I’m pretty knowledgable and have a good skill set. Most of my SEO work has been for my own sites and a few friends. Although I do SEO at Web Design Book.

I am looking at going corporate and breaking into Enterprise level search, and see blogging as a way to demonstrate my SEO skills

2. I blog because I like to share information. When I see a great movie I can’t wait to tell my friends about it. I feel the same way about SEO, yes I know a lot of what I blog about is not SEO, more search marketing. It’s all about getting the right pair of eyeballs to the right websites in the right number.

3. I blog because I like to connect to people and make contacts and relationships. It’s a great way to make friends and business contacts. I have had a number of people contact me about performing SEO and although I do not accept clients as yet I am always available to help people out with a free consultation. Although time restrictions do apply.

I see blogging as a tool to allow you to develop a level of trust and allow people to approach you with more trust than if you had a plain jane website that was static, boring and quiet as a graveyard.

4. I blog because it is easy. Chuck up WordPress, grab a template and get writing. That’s basically it. It’s so easy I don’t know why more people don’t do it.

5. I blog because it gives me a thrill when I write something that’s a little edgy and I am unsure of whether to click that Publish button. When I click I get a rush. Those collections of words created from my fingertips have been flung into cyberspace. I feel a wave of relief as the post goes up, which is then tempered when I spot the spelling mistake.

I will be tagging five other people when I have more time to think who.

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  1. I’ve been tagged by this as well – can I copy your answers, because I think they’re going to be better than mine 😉

    I know what you mean about that delicious little pause over the ‘publish’ button…

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