SEO is fundamentally a set of methodologies

I read a ton of SEO blogs each day, you learn that there are some blogs simply blogging about what other blogs have wrote, and there are other blogs which produce unique, intelligent, useful information.

One of them is by Lee Odden.

I’m breaking my golding rule which is not to blog about what others have blogged about, but only because I want to point out how cool the blog post was. Check out SEO for Newbies.

The moniker, ?search engine optimization? is a bit of a misnomer, since you?re not optimizing seach engines, you?re optimizing FOR search engines. SEO is fundamentally a set of methodologies that make it easier for search engines to find, include, categorize and rank your web content. That?s the starting point.

This bit is my favourite.
SEO is fundamentally a set of methodologies

Which means any new technique can be added to the SEO armoury if it helps to achieve the goal of having you website content included, categorised and ranked in the search engine.

For a while blogging was looked down upon by some SEO people, likewise social media optimisation is thought of as having little worth, even though empirical data is available.

New ways of achieving the old goals come along all the time. At no can an SEO stand still and say we have this thing beaten.

Each opportunity has a finite time for incredible success. A tiny window opens for a short time to be quickly boarded up as more people take advantage.

It’s not that new opportunities run out of power, it’s that as more people take advantage you’re competitive edge becomes less sharp.

SEO is fundamentally a set of methodologies

New methods are discovered each day, which is why fresh faced seo types can score a big hit quickly.

Prepare today for the methodology that will be available tomorow.

2 thoughts on “SEO is fundamentally a set of methodologies”

  1. SEO is about breaking into new markets and building an audience. It’s a competition to gain noteriety for your website more effectivley then the next guy. There are many different ways you can do that, but success depends on
    1. Your skill / resources / creativity compared to your competitors
    2. skill / resources / creativity

    The competitive / creative aspect of SEO is what makes it so much fun for me.

    Toprankblog is well written. I still end up reading SEObook and Search Engine Land the most out of my 100s of blog rss subscriptions (Greywolf and SEO by the SEA too).

  2. Hey Lyndon, thanks for the kind words and thanks even more for your insight on the notion of SEO as a set of methodologies. I really like the idea of a moving window because if reflects the constant state of change that exists within search marketing.

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