New Mybloglog stats hack

Rob over at yackyack has been busy putting some interesting tools together for Mybloglog users. Although in his words it’s “pretty basic”, he is going to be upgrading the stat system over time.

I like what he is doing with it and his system is one to watch out for.

Yackyack stats

I see more hacks and services to do with Mybloglog on the horizon. Hopefully the guys at Mybloglog will embrace them.

How to get Darren Rowse to read your blog

David Ogilvy, the writer of Confessions of an Advertising Man. Wrote about a bet between George Dyer and Max Hart.

Dyer bet Hart he could write a newspaper page of solid type and Hart would read every word of it. The bet stemmed from an arguement over long copy vs short copy.

The bet was accepted and Dyer told Hart he didn’t even have to write one word to prove his point. He only has to say the headline. Which was.
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How to get on the front page of Techmeme

My mantra is think like the Economist but write like the National Enquirer.

A headline must stop people in their tracks. In the world of multi tasking, multi media, multiple ways for people to be distracted, a title must absolutely grab peoples attention, stop them cold, dead in their tracks to bring 100% focus to the content you have created.
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The single most important factor in getting to rank

Tropical SEO
“Getting high quality editorial links is currently the single most important factor in getting a site to rank.”

I would have to agree with Andy Hagens. Getting links from authoratative websites and blogs within your industry is the best way to climb those search engine ranking pages.

Yeah sure, getting the right keyword in your domain and url is important. Look at what happened to Cornwall SEO. This site is number one in Google for the search term “cornwall seo”.

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