New Mybloglog stats hack

Rob over at yackyack has been busy putting some interesting tools together for Mybloglog users. Although in his words it’s “pretty basic”, he is going to be upgrading the stat system over time.

I like what he is doing with it and his system is one to watch out for.

Yackyack stats

I see more hacks and services to do with Mybloglog on the horizon. Hopefully the guys at Mybloglog will embrace them.

1 thought on “New Mybloglog stats hack”

  1. Hi Lyndon

    Thanks for the mention,

    Yes, its a bit of fun really. I thought people might like to know who visits them and how often and get some kind of historical perspective on everything.

    Im thinking of doing things like enabling them to to see what their visitors read, which pages they found most interesting, what they clicked on, that sort of thing. Just gotta figure out the detail 😉

    One important thing too that I am aware of is the question of privacy. Ive added an option that allows for site visitors to remove their id’s from tracking.


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