Analysis of the front page of Digg

A lot of people slag off Digg because it’s a bunch of kids who use it. Grown ups use it too, but whether or not they are actually grown up is debatable. I include myself.

Getting a story on the front page of Digg is a big deal these days, it can do wonders for your ego and your bank balance if managed correctly.

So I made a screenshot of what was on Digg this morning, sourced from and wrote up what I thought would be going on in the mind of a Digger.

These are not my thoughts regarding the headline, rather the thoughts I think a Digger would have.


Console news, Playstation 2. Questioning the fact that an old skool console is the winner in 2006. Questioning perceived wisdom, contrary hook.

Sex hook. The term porn instantly attracts the mind of the teen, but wait, LIBRARY is not good, that’s where books are. Has an incongruent juxtaposition occurred. I must find out what the story means. It’s intriguing, and yet confusing. For some reason we feel a need to find out.

It’s naughty stuff. In the words of Jack Black, “sticking it to the man”. Censorship. It actually happened and became a shared experience for people who saw it.

uber geek story, The guy who helped bring apple to the world. If it’s a story about Apple, it must be voted on.

A naughty word associated with a mainstream kids TV show, that has to be dugg.

Politics on Digg, are you sure? It’s an online media story. Sticking it to the broadcast networks. “I am online, so online must be cool, therefore I am interested in this story.

Implied nudity. He is an admin at Digg, that has to be voted on. It’s also funny, man with no pants, imagine.

Stonehenge was the Internet of it’s day. Ok not really but it sounds good. Revealed history.

How to story. Cutting edge technology. Geek gadget envy. It’s about the technology of TV and we love that cos we watch Star Wars on it and play our Xbox 360 on it.

Story about sticking it to the Big evil Microsoft. Must be good, vote me in. Sounds like a hack job, yeah.

Cool technology that is cutting edge, cool, does fancy things. Can play with a light sabre without people laughing at me. Cool new games coming,

Oooooh, government. Evil, it’s a Big Brother story. Bit of conspiracy. Microsoft + Government + spying on us + civil liberty + something I use all the time. Must vote must vote.

Injustice, and it’s about a teen. Crazy legal structures that rule our lives.

Candy and a Lord of the Rings fortress. It’s my two favourite things that have absolutely no connection in a story together. Is this what they mean by “incongruent juxtaposition”? Who could have thought of this except a mad genius? Cool. Where can I buy it? And when is the Minas Tirith version coming out?

I use Digg, therefore Digg must be cool. I don’t get flickr so it must be rubbish and we beat it in America. It’s a website poll and we came ahead of something I don’t use but my elder sister keeps raving about. So must be a cool story.

Naughty hook. It’s drugs and they are naughty. But it’s about art, but wait, the art is made whilst the naughty stuff has been ingested. Something boring made cool by adding naughty stuff to it.

Political story on Digg? But wait, it’s ok. It’s not about boring stuff it’s about how they are not killing us anymore but are killing them. So that’s ok then.

Wow, an Apple story, must digg must digg. It’s about people going crazy, which is always cool. And it has Digg in the title. Woh, is this the best post ever?

More my notes than a post I had intended to publish, but I thought I would share.

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  1. Love your analysis. I too have used PopURLs to see what’s hot and why. It’s the unexpected stuff–like you see on Reuters “Oddly Enough”–that seems to get Dugg the most.

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