6 Cool Mybloglog Hacks

I love Mybloglog. Sure I may love another social networking site next week, but that’s besides the point.

I’ve been having a good chat with Rob over at Yackyack about the implications of privacy and possible hack jobs.

Meanwhile Soloseo has been hard at work, grafting away to provide us with some very cool Mybloglog hacks.

The Missing MyBlogLog Tools

3 thoughts on “6 Cool Mybloglog Hacks”

  1. Interesting…

    I bet he had a wail of a time making these too!

    Pretty slick in terms of speed and whatnot.

    What next? 3rd party scripts for ones blog perhaps?

    We only have to look at the proliferation of myspace add ons to see how far piggy backers and customisers are prepared to go and profit from things like this.

    Be it as a viral link even, at the smallest end of the spectrum there’s certainly a net benefit to those who make and supply such things.

    Will Y! try and block access to such things? Or will they just see it as a call to arms in terms of offering similar improvements/features.

    Provided the conversation is kept on track and steered towards their overall objectives, then I guess its win win.As the MBL grows so does the bottom line, unless of course, it takes a left turn down into negative privacy street perhaps.

    To be fair though, all soloseo has done is use whats already there for people prepared to do the legwork. He saves them the work (should they be so interested) by enabling them the tools to enquire, very quickly too.

    As things stand, anyone could look at user a and b and do comparisons, so he’s not exactly encroaching in a privacy sense either. Will be interesting to see what if any the MBL teams response to be.

    Good catch Lyndon!

  2. I think if Yahoo are clever they will allow this to run a little, as long as secruity and privacy are not compromised.

    It’s going to be fun to see what happens.

    I’ve got quite a few ideas of what could be done.

  3. There one more serious problem going in MyBlogLog, and that is that a particular person can make any number of profiles, as e-mail confirmation is not required. A person can make as many profile pages for himself on regular basis and can influence his community.
    A quick review on many popular communities show that their members in good numbers have no idendity or avtars, with similar pattern of creation of accounts and joining of communities.
    It bring doubts that why only in these communities we see these patterns and not in other communities. one such example is mybloglog.com/buzz/community/Iain-Dales-Diary/
    Do give your opinion.

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