62 posts on how to squeeze the juice from digg

2006 was the year of the digg. Virtually every website I read had a story, tips or a “how to game digg” story. Here are a bunch of my favourite blog posts regarding digg


Digg the new Google?
Social Media Optimisation notes from Pubcon
The Search marketers guide to Digg
Etiquette for submitting stories to Digg


Digg Predictions
Linkbait Success Rates & Digg’s New, Tougher Algo
Everything in the Digg, Reddit & Netscape Algorithms
Elinor Mills Embarasses Self, C|Net with Digg Article
Those Pesky Social Bookmarking Buttons on Blogs
How to Get Banned From Digg
Why It Doesn’t Pay to Game Digg


Is Digg Rigged?
How to be a Dirty Digger
Getting Buried in Digg, Not as Bad as it Sounds
What?s One Digg Worth
The Secret Army of Digg Trolls
Creating the Ultimate Digg Post


Why You’re Not Getting on the Digg Homepage

Pronet Advertising

Begginers guide to Digg from Pronet
Using digg and Netscape to get traffic
How Not To Get Your URL Banned From Digg
How to get the most out of digg traffic
More ways to make the digg front page
Traffic comparison of StumbleUpon, digg and del.icio.us
What you need to know about digg and Netscape
Why Digg gets Dug
Digg unto others as you would have them Digg unto you
The hypocrisy of digg and spam

Online Marketing Blog

Session: Social Media Optimization
Session : Link Baiting & Viral Search Success
SES Chicago Social Media Optimization Panel


And the List of Domains Ditched by Digg Keeps Growing

Bruce Clay

Digg Members Go Renegade

Fused Nation

Digg & your social marketing strategy

Search Engine Land

Site banned by Digg
The new Digg features, a submitters perspective

SEO Black Hat

AOL going Digg Style
Hoax Marketing Gets Front Page of Digg
Recycling Front Page Digg Stories
Humor and Drama in Diggville
10 Steps to Guarantee You Make the Digg Front Page
Forget the Digg Effect ? Check out the SEO Black Hat Effect!


The Year of the Linkbait


21 Traffic Triggers for Social Media Marketing
The Force That Drives Social Media Traffic
News Flash ? People Are Gaming Digg!

SEO Egghead

How To Get Dugg More: Digg for WordPress Plugin

Forget Traditional SEO! Why Good Link Bait is Worth $50K
DiggBait 101: 8 Ways to Help You Get to Digg?s Front Page
3 SEO Enhancements That Won?t Require Ripping Up Your Site

Modern Life is Rubbish

How many Diggs do you need to make the homepage?
The Demographics of Digg
Top 10 reasons why ‘Top 10’ lists are so popular
What is Linkbaiting?
What is the average number of Diggs to make the homepage.


The Digg effect and can Drupal survive it?

Download Squad

Why digg is destined for failure
Gaming Digg

Silicon Cloud

The Life of a Digg


The Digg Algorithm – Unofficial FAQ

Pronet Advertising

Social Bookmarking Etiquette

Guy Kawasaki

How to Use Digg to Get Traffic


How to build a Digg culture on your blog

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